infinity float Australia

Infinity Float & Salt Bed

The Infinity Float & Salt Bed is a unique wellness innovation, offering the dual benefits of a dry float and a Himalayan salt bed. This versatile therapy bed is designed to enhance relaxation, improve mood, and accelerate recovery, making it a must-have for any wellness regimen.

Infinity Float Australia
Infinity Salt Bed Australia


Transformative Wellness Technology

Experience the transformative power of the Infinity Float & Salt Bed. This advanced therapy bed combines the soothing effects of dry floating with the therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt, providing an unmatched relaxation and health experience. It’s perfect for reducing stress, improving circulation, and enhancing overall well-being.


Ideal for a Diverse Audience

The Infinity Float & Salt Bed is suitable for anyone seeking deep relaxation, mind regeneration, and improved physical well-being. Whether you’re an athlete looking to shorten recovery time, or anyone seeking stress relief and mood improvement, this therapy bed is your ideal solution.

Australian Salt Bed Benefits
Australian Infinity Float


Infinity Float & Salt Bed Benefits

Embrace the wide-ranging benefits of the Infinity Float & Salt Bed. This dual-purpose bed not only increases endorphins but also helps in reducing blood pressure, improving circulation, shortening recovery time from exercise, and fostering deep relaxation. It’s an excellent tool for enhancing mood and combating stress and anxiety.