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The infinity Dry MASSAGE Float

Hydro-jet massage therapy!

Imagine lying comfortably on water that is regulated to a pleasant temperature while enjoying a massage by invisible hands! You can feel how a warm jet of water is kneading your tense muscles before smoothing them our gently. And the best part is: THE INFINITY DRY MASSAGE FLOAT improves your health with great effectiveness while you kick back and relax!

infinity dry massage float

Dry Float Bed Australia

Interested in purchasing the INFINITY DRY MASSAGE FLOAT for your business?

Cryo Science is your trusty supplier and manufacturer of world-class premium-quality machines, wellness equipment and accessories. We supply only the most advanced equipment that is sure to satisfy your clients and deliver the optimal results.

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Relax & Rejuvenate: Hydrotherapy Without Getting Wet

Did you know you can enjoy hydrotherapy, floating and massage all in one? Our premium-quality Infinity Dry Massage Float device was crafted to provide a unique wellness experience of hydrotherapy without the hassle of getting wet. This impactful treatment will help you unwind and get rid of stress or anxiety while relaxing your muscles and stimulating blood circulation. It targets multiple conditions including pain in the back and joints, tension and/or fatigue in muscles, fibromyalgia, spine disorders, cervical migraine, mental health issues, and many others.

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Infinity Dry Massage Float Benefits

Infinity Dry Massage Float Benefits

  • High level of accuracy in massage treatments
  • Programmable water temperature
  • 6 types of hydro-massage therapies
  • Targeting pain, stress and fatigue while providing multiple benefits for physical and mental health
  • Using chip cards and RFID technology for precise pre-programming