Safe & Effective Body Contouring With °CRYO Wave™

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°CRYO Wave ™ Benefits

Using cutting-edge technology, the °CRYO Wave™ is the game-changer in the wellness industry. It is the most advanced non-invasive cryotherapy device ideal for slimming, body contouring, cellulite reduction, anti-ageing and rejuvenating. Designed to improve the physical appearance, it combines hot and cold therapeutic methods, including thermal shock, cryo-lipolysis and LED therapy. It is a unique investment buy that will attract more clients and elevate your revenues.

Temperature Control

Equipped with a thermocouple temperature sensor, it prevents overheating.

WiFi Connection

Featuring internet connectivity, the machine ensures communication with service support for enhanced safety.


With the possibility to illuminate the target area, the device is easy to operate.

High Portability

Equipped with wheels, the device is fully mobile and portable.

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Cryo Slimming Machine Price & Potential Return Of Investment

Investing in the °CRYO Wave™ pays off! Since localised cryotherapy is a highly demanded service, it is the perfect add-on to your existing business. Offering advanced solutions for fat reduction, anti-wrinkle and chin contouring, it is an innovation in the field of wellness and beauty industry, but it is also efficient in pain management and inflammation treatments. If you want to take your business to the next level, our cutting-edge cryo machine is the best purchase. You can benefit from our knowledge and experience in the industry and rely on our team to help you set up business goals. Let us give you professional guidance on how to break up the costs and make a pricing plan that will ensure a return on investment. Contact us today and find out whether °CRYO Wave™ is an adequate solution for your business.


°CRYO Wave™ Features

°CRYO Wave™ is safe, practical, efficient and perfectly designed for easy use. It is the most innovative solution for non-invasive and painless slimming, anti-ageing and pain management treatments. The combination of hot and cold treatments delivers extremely effective results without using any dangerous chemical gasses. The key benefits include:

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°CRYO Wave™ Specifications

°CRYO Wave™ uses the most innovative technology that includes both hot and cold therapy for better results. It operates between -18°C to 45°C providing numerous benefits for slimming, anti-ageing and pain management. This ground-breaking device is the latest innovation offering extremely efficient non-invasive and painless therapies such as thermal-shock, contrast lipolysis and LED therapy. Since °CRYO Wave™ is fully electricity-powered, it doesn’t use dangerous chemical gasses and is safer to use. The most advanced features include: