Safe & Effective Localised Cryotherapy

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°CRYO Penguin™ Benefits

The °CRYO Penguin™ is a mobile cryotherapy machine built to the highest. It was created for effective localised cryotherapy procedures. You can use it to target specific issues and expose parts of the body to low temperatures. Its key features include integrated safety mechanisms, exquisite ergonomic design and pre-set protocols. Offering the safest solution for localised cryotherapy, it is an essential piece of equipment that aims to improve health, beauty and wellbeing. While stimulating cell reproduction and blood circulation, it can be used to repair damaged tissues, minimise the signs of ageing or enhance the complexion. When you purchase this product, you are bound to add value to your existing range of services and attract more clients.

Extra Safe

°CRYO Penguin™ is safe to use because it features lasers, sensors and other mechanisms to control the distance and body temperature or ensure that the device shuts down after being idle.


The device is using the minimum amount of nitrogen which reduces the cost per treatment while ensuring optimal efficiency. It is impactful and cost-effective at the same time to ensure you increase your ROI.

Smartly Designed

°CRYO Penguin™ is designed for easy use with an ergonomic handle nozzle and the tank is housed in an attractive container.

Easily Transportable

Our mobile cryotherapy device is equipped with wheels that ensure easy transportation.

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Localised Cryo Machine Price & Potential Return Of Investment

The °CRYO Penguin™ is bound to establish a profitable new business or bring the existing one to the next level. Proving multiple health, beauty and wellness benefits, it is a popular luxury treatment that will attract clients and boost your revenues. Invest in it today to generate profit! Our team can help you get started, calculate the costs and make a workable business plan. Call us today and find out how our Cryo Penguin can improve your business.


°CRYO Penguin™ Features

The °CRYO Penguin™ is compact, practical and easily transportable, allowing you to expand your services while saving on square meters! Meticulously designed to suit your needs, it is the most innovative mobile cryotherapy machine suitable for the localised application. This ground-breaking device has many advantages and offers numerous benefits which is why it is one of the most sought-after cryotherapy products in the market.

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°CRYO Penguin™ Specifications

Smart, innovative design of our °CRYO Penguin™ ensures intuitive and easy use, maximum efficiency and optimal safety. It is a one-of-a-kind product on the market as it allows localised application and low nitrogen consumption. This cutting-edge mobile cryotherapy device has the most advanced features: