The Only Cryo Chamber That Offers True Whole Body Cryotherapy

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°CRYO Arctic™ Benefits

At Cryo Science, you can purchase the only cryotherapy chamber that can reach the lowest temperatures and fit the whole body. Our °CRYO Arctic™ uses innovative technology to provide safe and effective treatments that benefit mental and physical health while enhancing skin quality and working towards slimming and toning. It is a fantastic purchase because it is the only true full-body chamber that is TGA approved, 100% safe to use and extremely efficient. Unlike other products, this cryotherapy chamber protects users from exposure to cryogenic gasses while providing clean and fresh, breathable air.

The Safest Products on the Market

Our chambers were designed to prevent direct exposure to cryogenic gasses while using the latest heat exchange system to allow users to enjoy breathable air.

Maximal Comfort

CRYO Arctic features temperature control and adjustable windows for optimal comfort, ensuring that the head remains elevated and above the chamber.

High-Quality Sound Via Bluetooth

Your clients will be able to play music and communicate with operators as our chambers feature Bluetooth connectivity.

Optimal Temperatures

Our chambers were created to provide steady temperatures throughout the full-body cryotherapy sessions.

Tailored Treatments

When you purchase our CRYO Arctic, you can set up a personal ID for all of your clients to enable instant access to their files and make sure they receive treatments that are carefully tailored to their needs.

Certified Products

CRYO Arctic is fully certified and approved for use by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, which guarantees its safety and efficiency.

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Cryotherapy Machine Price & Potential Return On Investment

°CRYO Arctic™ is the perfect solution for businesses who want the best quality cryotherapy machine to ensure the best possible service. It is a smart investment that will increase your revenues and pay off quickly. Knowing that there is a high demand for luxury cryotherapy treatments, we provide the best equipment to ensure you exceed your clients’ expectations. Whether you want to start a new business or expand the existing one, we will help you gain an outstanding reputation and maximise potentials for return of investment. You can fully rely on our team to provide all the guidance and assistance you need to create a successful business plan and make the most of our high-end cryotherapy machines. Call us today to speak with one of our professionals and find out if our products meet your business requirements.


°CRYO Arctic™ Features

°CRYO Arctic is the only product that measures the temperature inside the chamber with utmost precision. With the capability to reach extremely low temperatures of -100°C – 140°C, it ensures maximum efficacy and the best results. Purchasing this product will ensure that you meet your clients’ expectations and establish an impeccable reputation in the wellness industry.

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°CRYO Arctic™ Specifications

°CRYO Arctic™ is practical and easy to install and use. To ensure optimal functionality, you need to fulfil minimal requirements regarding the space, ventilation and safety measures: