infinity 3d body composition analyser equipment

The infinity 3d body composition analyser

A quick, expert report showing the measurements that really matter.

This body composition machine scans and measures the amount of Bone, Fat and Muscle you hold. It’s a simple scan that takes less than 5 minutes. This body scan revels how healthy an individual is and is a beneficial point of information for individuals. The body scan offers an in-depth analysis of your body compared to traditional scales. This is an excellent machine to help track client results and can be used to determine which treatments would best suit clients.


Body analysis equipment

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infinity 3d body composition analyser

Know Your Body

The journey to your ideal body is going to be much easier if you know the key parameters that will help you create a strategy for physical health, weight loss, toning and strengthening. Our Infinity 3D Body Composition Analyser is your ideal companion because it measures everything from body fat percentage, bone weight and body mass index to water, proteins, mineral salts, and moister ratio. This powerful machine can give you an accurate analysis of your basic metabolism or waist-hip ratio while also delivering a full nutritional and weight assessment and even providing an obesity diagnosis.  It delivers specialised reports based on your needs, be it a fitness program or a healthcare treatment.

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Infinity 3D Body Composition Analyzer Benefits

Infinity 3D Body Composition Analyzer Benefits

  • Easy-to-use touch-screen interface
  • Quick results in less than 50 seconds
  • Non-invasive method
  • The most detailed analysis of your body structure
  • Four types of reports tailored for different applications
  • A useful tool to help you set your body goals