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Increase business profits with world-class cryotherapy technology

Go Beyond Service, Deliver Results: Elevate Your Business With CRYO-SCIENCE

The ultimate measure of your business success lies in the results your customers achieve. If you believe in providing transformation rather than mere service, Cryo-Science is your best choice. Don’t settle for machines that fail to deliver — join the ranks of businesses who care, and let’s create real, lasting change together.


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We Sell Leading Cryotherapy Machines To Australian Businesses & Organisations

Cryo Science delivers the most advanced premium quality cryotherapy chambers to ensure that your business provide flawless luxury experiences. Cryotherapy is an astonishing innovation that is bound to attract new clients to your business and help you increase revenues. Producing amazing mental and physical health benefits by exposing the body to extremely low temperatures, whether you want to make cryotherapy the basis of your business or add it to your range of services, our mission is to guide you to the right decision for your business. Discover our stunning range of world-class cryotherapy machines and find out how you can boost ROI if you purchase our products.

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Australia’s Only TGA Approved True Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber

Offering the best cryotherapy machines available on the market, we can help you launch a new, profitable business or improve your existing one by purchasing high-end cryotherapy equipment to deliver exquisite beauty, health and wellbeing services. We have the coldest and the safest TGO approved whole-body CRYO chambers that are using the most advanced technology to deliver the best results. If you purchase our machines, you will instantly become a leader in the industry and position your business at the very top.

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Is Cryotherapy The Right Move For Your Business? We Can Help You Decide!

Cryotherapy is a global trend you should invest in right now! Offering new, luxury spa experiences and enormous benefits for mental and physical health as well as beauty, skincare and weight loss, it is the future of the wellness industry and a great opportunity for you to expand your business or start a completely new one. Let our experienced team help you choose the right equipment and share the professional knowledge of how you can use it to make a thriving business. We can also provide step-by-step guidance to help you calculate the costs and make a successful business plan. Contact us today and speak to one of our experts to discuss your needs and enquire about our exquisite cryotherapy machines.

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What Makes CRYO-SCIENCE The Industry Leader?


We provide customer services to our clients 24/7 to help set up their machines after purchase.

Guarantee of Quality

When you purchase our equipment, we provide a warranty of 36 months.

Approved & Certified

We supply only TGA approved cryotherapy that adheres to the Australian standards

The Real Full-Body Chamber

The Real Full-Body Chamber You can trust us to provide the only real full-body cryotherapy chamber available on the market.

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Want A Cryotherapy Business In A Box? Ask About Our Franchise Opportunities

Cryo Science offers the best franchise opportunities for Australian businesses. We are leaders in the cryotherapy industry offering the most advanced technology. Our franchises are profitable all over the world. Let us help you create a successful business using a proven model that is sure to increase your revenues and pay off quickly. Call us today to discuss cryotherapy franchise opportunities.

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Invest In A Cryotherapy Machine For Your Business & See profitable gains

Get in touch today to discuss the cryotherapy machine costs and benefits and see how your business could create a solid and consistent revenue stream by adding a cryotherapy chamber.